Updated Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions: Enjoy the Double Benefits

Posted at 11 August 2023 / Categories FirewoodFX Company News

We are excited to announce the latest updates to our Welcome Bonus terms and conditions at FirewoodFX! We constantly strive to enhance your trading experience, and these changes are designed to provide you with even more flexibility and opportunities.
Here are the key points of the updated Welcome Bonus terms and conditions:
1. Enhanced Deposit Bonus Handling:
When a deposit is made to a bonus account, your existing equity will now be seamlessly transferred into "credit." This credit will be considered a "deposit bonus" under the Deposit Bonus Promotion terms and conditions. This change simplifies the bonus handling process, ensuring that you can enjoy your trading benefits more efficiently.
2. No Selfie Verification: 
We've listened to your feedback, and we're excited to inform you that once your account is funded with non-bonus funds, the selfie verification requirement will no longer be mandatory. This streamlines your account management process, making it smoother and hassle-free.
3. Removal of Withdrawal Restrictions, Trading Volume, and Referral Requirements:
Depositing funds other than bonuses will now grant you the freedom to withdraw all of your balance (initial deposit  + profit) without any restrictions. Additionally, both trading volume (lot) and referral requirements have been eliminated, providing you with greater control over your trading activities.
4. Trading Conditions Remain Unchanged:
While we've made exciting updates to the bonus-related aspects, rest assured that the core trading conditions including spreads, leverage, maximum open trade, and maximum trade size will remain unchanged. This ensures that you continue to experience the same high-quality trading environment you're accustomed to.
5. Easier Bonus Conversion to Cash:
The bonus amount that has been transferred to credit can now be easily withdrawn as cash. All you need to do is meet a certain trading volume, as specified in the Deposit Bonus Promotion terms and conditions . This change offers you a more straightforward path to converting your trading rewards into real-world gains.
6. Double Benefits for Bonus Account Deposits:
Deposits made to a bonus account are not only eligible for the seamless credit transfer but also qualify for the traditional Deposit Bonus, as outlined in the Deposit Bonus Promotion terms and conditions. This means you can enjoy double benefits from your bonus-related deposits.
For a comprehensive understanding of these updated terms and conditions, please visit the Welcome Bonus Promotion Terms and Conditions.
At FirewoodFX, we are committed to providing you with innovative and rewarding trading experiences. These updates reflect our dedication to your success and satisfaction as a valued trader.
Thank you for choosing FirewoodFX as your trusted  trading partner. We look forward to empowering your trading journey with these exciting changes!

Best regards,
FirewoodFX Team 

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